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@FAANews awards @PHLAirport $30M, airline says that's just the bit of it isn't it.

The City of Philadelphia's Department of Aviation bucket received $30 million in FAA Airport Terminal Program grant dollars. This essential funding is for continued support of restroom renovations and airline Terminal Energy Optimization Programs (TEOPs) Phase 1. This is wonderful news and TEOP sports very interesting infrastructure goals. Fortunately, in this segment of #RantFare the exchange rate coined in the previous article just won't take you pass the TEOP goals; there are 5 minutes until the next boarding and the line has already fast-tracked at the connecting flight.

A confirmed source waiting at a major PHL airline terminal said it was overheard that a tech agency, advised by a Homeland Security member and a House of Lords Earl, will be meeting with a downtown Philadelphia Center City firm. Yes of course, the famed window aisle purview, just enough to keep you coming back. The tech agency apparently is an enterprise blockchain PaaS company specializing in supply chain tracking + tracing, commerce, and hyper-secure communications. No other details were shared and if Bipartisan FAA funding to renovate restrooms and terminals at the Philadelphia International Airport means more terminal seats and bathroom stalls, I'm sure all kinds of communications will incubate. Stay tuned for the next #RantFare, the only place where you can board and not be given an itinerary or map.

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