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America: The New Working Class, And What You Can Do About It

"I may have a $500,000 home and live in a $349,999 bi-level flat, but it's a total sentencing and everyone with housing-gloves on knows it" says local living in what appears to be an above sea-level neighborhood. Asking to remain name and genderless the individual continues, "Well, what am I to do about it? And where are my hands. I don't see my neighbors."

The housing crisis seems to affect so many Americans, but rarely do you hear the opinions of the coastal working class like mentioned above. In this short opening series of #RantFare, we'll coin new voices during the exchange and share where you can absolutely go with it.

Our first & only micro-stop, Pew Research's U.S survey of parents conducted Sep-Oct 2022.

Looking at the chart it is clear that upper and middle-income working-class Americans feel at risk of job insecurity should they need to request time off for childcare. 6%-1% feeling extremely/very worried is undoubtedly unacceptable. No one should have to live with angst and feelings of uncertainly. Americans nationwide are leaving their neighborhoods to drive to newer markets, are experiencing perfect customer service there, and are quite frankly thinking could it be any more lifeless. Are we surrounding ourselves with the proper insulation needed to care for ourselves to mellow our feelings of angst? Check out the Pew chart. Something to think about. Subscribe!

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