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Housing Project

Restoring and upkeeping the integrity of multifamily duplexes located in the historic Girard College section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This project collaborates with programs and organizations like the Philadelphia Rapid Rehousing Program, Depaul USA, and FEMA to secure tenants and provide livable housing. The housing project is planning to respond to municipal RFP's for housing development. 


Peck & Peck Co

Farmer Project

A 5-acre farm located on historic Elkins Estate in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania needed to raise money to fund the rehabilitation of a greenhouse, buy seedlings, hire staff and pay for utilities throughout the winter. So the farm owner issued a Bluechip - non-fungible sustainability tokens (NFSTs). Bluechip technology is a standard for digital ESG assets where the issuer and all places involved in a sustainability initiative must be uniquely identified, and for beneficiaries and stakeholders to directly verify the impact of that initiative on the blockchain. This project connects farmers with digital currency. 


Lobby Project

The Lobby Project spearheads the transportation of information by personally ensuring client's policies and positions are shared with intergovernmental, governmental and private parties. Responsibilities include growing relationships involving clients' programs, researching and examining legislation, attending events and various fora, educating government officials, and working to influence corporate officers. Targeted markets include but arent limited to: IGOs, NGOs, Agricultural Check-Offs, Data Governance, Municipal Government, and the Federal Government. 

Peck & Peck Co


Peck & Peck Co

Strategic Partners


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